Weight Saving Tips For Your Bmx Bike

Many Bmx riders like their bikes to be as light as possible. This makes the bike easier to control and leads to bigger tricks. There are many weight saving tips out there, but these are the ones that worked best for me.

Weight Saving Tip #1
On nearly every bike there is excess axle after the nut. There may only be a couple millimeters, but all the extra weight adds up. To remove it, use a hack saw and cut off the excess. Be sure and use proper safety equipment to ensure you do not get hurt.

Weight Saving Tip #2
Cut your seat post. They are typically very long and add lots of extra weight. Put your post to the height you desire, then add 4 inches to that, and remove the rest via a hack saw. Once again be sure and use proper safety equipment to ensure you do not get hurt.

Weight Saving Tip #3
Never use thorn resistant tubes. They are really heavy and don't work half the time. A better and lighter solution is a normal tube with slime. The stuff is amazing and work all the time, just be sure and don't put in to much slime, otherwise you will be adding unnecessary weight.

Weight Saving Tip #4
Take out the extra links in your chain. This will not only save you weight, but you won't have a floppy chain, which can cause many problems. To remove the link, use a chain breaker. Your local bike shop will typically let you use theres.

Weight Saving Tip #5
Go down to a smaller gear ratio. The smaller you go the more weight you save. Be sure that the ratio that you are going down to is one that works. Otherwise you may end up pedaling your life off and going nowhere.

These are just a couple weight saving tips that will really help. Using all of these can easily drop a couple pounds. There are many bike parts available to help you save weight as well. Titanium parts, hollowed out axles, etc. Using these weight saving tips, and possibly some lighter parts will put your bike on a fast diet.

If you have any other tips go to our contact us page and tell us about them. If we like them we will post them above with your name to let people know who gave them to us.

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