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In today's Bmx world there are dozens of different bike terms. For a beginning rider these can be very confusing. New riders who don't know and understand the terms are already a step behind in the world of Bmx. By taking just a little time to go over this great list of bike terms you will be that much farther along than when you were before your read the list. I am going to go over every relevant term there is, everything from very basic to some of the more confusing terminology.

Flanges are the part of the bmx bike grip that “goes up.” This is the part of the grip where your thumb and pointer finger often touch against.
Bar Ends(Bar Caps):
Bar ends go into the end of the bmx bar and serve the main purpose of keeping you from getting hurt. They prevent the end of the bmx handlebar from cutting you, or even penetrating your skin in a bad crash.
Neck is just another name for the bmx stem.
1 1/8” Forks:
Today nearly every bmx forks head tube is 1 1/8” in diameter. The head tube is the part that goes through the frame and into the stem.
Headsets: Headsets are the the cups, bearings, and spacers that the forks go through.
Standard Headset:
The standard headset has been around for many years and is still very effective, but most of todays frames come with Integrated Headsets
Integrated Headsets:
These are the newest type of headsets. Instead of using cups, the frame is actually machined out for the bearings.
Internal Headset:
These type of headset use a cup, but they are flush with the frame; kind of like a bottom bracket cup. These are typically only used on race frames.
3/8 Axle:
This is the typical axle size for most normal 20 inch bikes.
14mm Axle:
This is a thicker axle used for most Bmx bikes of today. 14mm axles are very hard to bend and help doing tricks like grinding.
Pivotal Seat posts:
These types of bmx seat posts are used for pivotal seats. They are often much lighter than your typical rail seat post.
Bmx Bottom Bracket:
This is the part of the bike where the cranks go. It includes the cups, bearings, and hardware.
American Bottom Bracket:
American bmx bb have large cups and are pressed into the frame.
European Bottom Bracket:
European bmx bottom brackets have smaller cups and are threaded into the frame.
The spindle is the part that the cranks attach to.
21 Inch Frame, 20.8 inch frame, 20 inch frame, etc.:
This measurement refers to the length of the top tube on a bmx frame. They are all 20 inch bikes, but different top tube lengths have a different kind of feel. Typically taller riders go with longer top tubes lengths like 21.
Top Tube:
The top tube refers to the top tube of a frame.
Cassette Hub:
Cassette hubs are the new standard for bmx hubs today. They are much smoother and allow the rider to ride smaller gear ratios.
Cogs are the gear that is on the cassette.

The Bmx bike terms above are ones that most new Bmx riders have trouble with. These bike terms are used everywhere and are good to know. Don't worry you do not need to sit here and memorize them if you don't know them. They will come to you with time. Hope this helped you out!

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